Designskin Kids Puzzle Sofa

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Designskin Kids Puzzle Sofa


More than a reference to the famous 1980's video game hit, it is an invitation to let you children's imagination run free.


No limit playground: ball pool, bench, table and chair, theater stage, extra bed, mat, small hut... These five elements combine in the frame just like a real puzzle, but in much larger size. Your kids will be blown away.

Size: 800(W) x 1600(L) x 90(H)mm

Weight: 3.7kg


Material: Premium PU Memorial Fabric and High Density Compressed Air cell Pad.

Origin: Made in Korea

About High Density Compressed Air cell Pad

The high-density compressed air cell cushion produced by the compression set process of only Designskin maintains a fine layer and reduces noise between floors. Besides it can be used safely and long with excellent durability and soft feeling of use.

About Safe PU Memorial Fabric

From the beginning, Designskin uses PU fabric without using toluene or DMF pollutants, so it can be safely used. You can use it safer through a safe process (washing, stretching, steaming) only with Designskin.

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