Designskin Kid Round Table

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Designskin Kid Round Table

 A kid round table for dining and learning in the organic color that fit any room! 

Don't worry about furniture and harmful substances for children. Design Skin Kids Round Table has no harmful substances detected in materials and coatings, and eco-friendly material grade SEO. Use a material equivalent to EO.O.

Match the Designskin Kid Round Table with Designskin Cake Sofa and start playing!

Age of use: 3 years and older

Material: Birch plywood

Size: 60 x 34cm

Origin: Made in Korea


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Designskin Round Table for KidsDesignskin Kids Round TableDesignskin Kids Round Table Birch WoodProduct information of Kids Round Table
Precautious of use
- Keep away from fire.
- Product might damage if placed it in a high humidity place.
- Install product and use it on a flat ground.
- Do not stand on the table or sitting on the table corner.