Designskin Baby Cooling Pillow

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Designskin Four Seasons Baby Cooling Pillow

Features of Designskin baby cooling pillow:

  1. Four Season pad / Suitable for different temperatures - double-sided nap pad is applicable for hot summer and all seasons use.

  2. Excellent cooling effect - Heat is transferred to the fabric to keep the body cool by suppressing the rise of body temperature.

  3. Quick dry - Easily absorb sweat and moisture, keeping it dry and comfortable.

  4. Robust durability - The Ice Shell pattern without lint maintains its thick cushioning while maximizing its durability.

  5. Collagen-embedded fabric - The combination of collagen and modal moisturizing, antibacterial, deodorizing effect and soft to touch.

Size: 40 x 25 cm

Material: Front: Duraron fabric, Filling: microfiber cotton, Back: cotton + rayon

Origin: Made in Korea

About Duraron cool-to-touch fabric

Cool-touch fabric developed by Huvis has a higher thermal conductivity than traditional fabrics like cotton and nylon and can displace thermal energy from the body to the bedding faster to create a cooling effect, which can in turn help you get better sleep.

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